M.Tech Career Opportunities

The Government and Private sectors are in greater need of Geoinformatics professionals. The major Central Government agencies employing GIS specialists include, Department of Space, Defence, Indian Space Research Organization, Survey of India, Geological Survey of India, Census of India, National Remote Sensing Centre, NATMO, NIC, Department of Agriculture, Department of Home, besides, State Remote Sensing Applications Centers, State Government Departments, Multi National Companies and Corporate sectors; GIS BPO companies are the principal organizations that are keenly awaiting for quality Geoinformatics professionals.

Global GIS firms like Tele Atlas and ESRI have set up captive centres in India. Major telecom firms like Motorola, Cingular, Lucent, Saudi and Bahrain also outsource to India. The most prominent GIS BPOs in India are RMSI, Rolta, TCS, Infotech and Genesis. The presence of Google Earth and Local Live/Virtual Earth will have an impact on the entire Geospatial industry, since it provides the ability to answer all kinds of questions that weren't easy to answer before.

Various job titles in the private sector are GIS Coordinator, Database Analyst, consultant/ Project Manager, Applications Programmer, GIS Software Product Specialist, GIS Instructor, Database and System Integrator, GIS Analyst, GIS Sales Manager, GIS Data Manager, GIS Specialist, GIS Manager etc., All the batches of M. Tech students have been gainfully employed either in multinational companies or KSRSAC with handsome salary and are handling important Geospatial projects.

KSRSAC invites all the Engineers who are specialized in Geoinformatics to join hands in spreading and utilizing the Geospatial concept in better decision making process for improving the quality of life.