Completed Project : Space Based Information Support for Decentralized Planning

Space Based Information Support for Decentralized Planning (SIS-DP)

SIS-DP aims at generating GIS layers on 1:10000 scale on natural resources (land use/land cover, settlements, ground water prospects, water resources, road network, public utilities, communication network, health care etc.) and disseminating them to the people at grass roots level using web enabled information system, digital CD/DVD ROMs etc. It also aims at developing site-specific interactive Decision Support System (DSS) and analytical tools for local level planning.


e Spatial depiction of land and water resources along with their attribute information for preparation of District Resource Geospatial Atlases by keeping cadastral data as base in a virtual and seamless manner for the state and the country,
e Development of tools and utilities (including stand alone and web based GIS applications) for providing multi-purpose user driven applications for speedy, accurate and transparent decision making for district level planning and
e Capacity building in the state departments along with training of manpower in maintaining, updating and managing the data base for decentralized planning.

Summary Of Work

The infrastructure mapping of roads, railway lines, drainage network and canal network (1:10000 scale) was completed for the entire state of Karnataka. The thematic mapping on 1:10000 scale for land use/land cover and settlements was completed for 2815 grids. The drainage and water bodies mapping on 1:10000 scale was completed for the whole state. Legacy data was integrated district-wise and overlaid on 2.5 m resolution satellite imagery for the six districts of Bidar, Koppal, Tumkur, Shimoga, Dharwad and Bagalkote.

The thematic as well as infrastructure database generated for six districts was supplied to respective Zilla Panchayat Officers for planning purpose at Gram Panchayat level