Proposed Projects : Karnataka-GIS


The concept of Karnataka-GIS (K-GIS) was initiated in 2012-13 as a knowledge initiative under Karnataka Knowledge Commission (KKC) which started as a consequence of Central Government’s National-GIS in 2010-12. The K-GIS aims at creating “a new information regime that supports good governance, sustainable development and citizen empowerment offering GIS decision support services for government, private enterprise and citizens by maintaining a state-wide, standardized, seamless and the most current GIS asset for the state of Karnataka”.


The major objectives of K-GIS are

e K-GIS must be a governance and citizen empowerment tool,
e To develop easy-to-use GIS decision support system to bring in scientific,participatory and quality into future governance and empower citizens,
e To make GIS-ready data easily available/accessible to all the state government departments, citizens, academia, industry and others,
e To develop and provide a GIS applications platform for all stakeholders with different GIS Apps as a suite of GIS DSS tools.

Fig.1 K-GIS Scope and activities

Fig.2 K-GIS Scope Policies

Fig.3 K-GIS Assets

Fig.4 K-GIS DSS Applications