Completed Projects : Mapping of Hassan Town using QuickBird Satellite Data

Title Mapping of Hassan town using QuickBird Satellite Data

Haphazard and unplanned urban growth is directly related to population growth,industrial development,high buiding densties,and lack of control on land uses,minimal open space,deteriorating environment and the poor quality of life of urbanaties.
Further incresing population,conflicting land use patterns,traffic congestion,resources constraint,unchecked migration of people from villages also contribute to the chaotic condition of the cities of today.Thus,for preapare proper managemnet of urban areas the planners and administrators require vital information such as urban sprawl,urban land use,urban demography,environment,trasportation,housing,water supply and sanitation,soild waste and service facilities.

Objectives The objective of this project is to prepare topographical and urban land use maps at large scale(1:5,000)of Hassan town and environs by adopting remote sensting techniques.
Summary Of Work The Centre procured Quick bird satellite data for Hassan town. Co-ordinates and altitude of GCPs in the town were collected using DGPS.Using this data,geo-referencing of satellite data was completed.The feature extraction of the land use map was completed.Both internal and external quality check was carried out and the map was submitted to the Department Of Town and Country Planning.