What we do

The KSRSAC is using remotely sensed data products obtained from different space agencies of the world including ISRO depending on the requirement with emphasis on IRS data. The work carried out on State/National basis cover diverse resource themes/areas such as forestry, waste land mapping, agricultural crop acreage and yield estimation, drought monitoring and assessment, flood monitoring and damage assessment, land use / and cover mapping, wet land mapping, water resources management, groundwater targeting, marine resources survey, Urban planning, mineral targeting and environmental impact assessment etc. Integration of thematic information on various natural resources, land use/cover, types of waste lands, forest cover/types, surface water resources, drainage pattern, potential ground water zones, geomorphology (landforms), geology (rock types, structural details, mineral occurrence), soil types etc., derived from satellite data with other ancillary information on meteorological and socio-economic data as helped to arrive at locale-specific prescriptions for development in many watersheds and blocks in 174 districts in the country..

The Geographical Information System (GIS) package will be the work-horse as both spatial and non-spatial databases have to be handled. The GIS package offers efficient utilities for handling both these data sets and also allows for the spatial database organization; non-spatial data sets organization – mainly as attributes of the spatial elements; integrated analysis and transformation for obtaining the required information; obtaining information in specific format (cartographic quality outputs and reports); organization of queries etc.

KSRSAC has been carrying out wide array of projects for various Line Departments such as Watershed Development Department, Forest, Mines & Geology, Rural Development & Panchayat Raj, Town Planning, Water Resources, Minor Irrigation, Ecology &12 Environment, Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, BMP, Pollution Control Board , Lake Development Authority etc.