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Board of the Corporation

     As per the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company, at present the position of the Chairperson is Ex-Officio, Additional Chief Secretary & Development Commissioner, Government of Karnataka. The Board of Karnataka State Seeds Corporation Limited (KSSCL) have 12 Directors, equally represented by Governement of Karnataka, Governemt of India and Grower Shareholders.  As on date,  4 Directors are represented from Governement of Karnataka, 3 Directors  from Goverment of India (NSC), 4 Directors from Grower shareholders & 1 Independent Director.

The Board of Directors of the Company as on March, 2018 is as below:

​1 Sri D.V. Prasad, IAS
​- Chairperson
​2 Sri B. Shivaraju -
Managing Director
​3Sri G. Satish, IFS​-Director
​4Sri V.K. Gaur​-Director
​5Sri V. Mohan​-Director
​6Sri A. Britto​-Director
​7Sri I.S. Patil -​Director
​8 Sri D.L. Nagaraj
​- Director
​9 Sri S. Rajendra Prasad ​- Director
​10 Sri S. T. Hosamani ​- Director
​11 S L Madiwalar ​- Director
​12 Sri Ravikumar ​- Independent Director

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