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Subject : Regarding publication of guidelines to implement a new project named "AASARE" through Karnataka State Women's Development Corporation.

Read : Government Order no. MME; 45 WDC: 2006 DATED 2-4-2007

In the government order read above , approval has been accorded for the implementation of a new project named "AASARE " for the empowerment of destitute / helpless women from 2007-2008, through Karnataka State Women's Development Corporation , and permission with authority also granted by the government to re-claim Rs. 5.42 crores necessary for the implementation of this project from the share capital amount in the P.D. account of Karnataka State Women's Development Corporation . Since it is necessary to issue guidelines for the implementation of this project , the order shown below has been issued.

Order no. MME : 45: WDC: 2006 , BENGALURU , dated 17-9-2007. As per the government order No. MME: 45:wd:2006, DATED 2-4-2007, GOVERNMENT APPROVAL has been accorded to implement a new project named "AASARE" as per the guidelines set forth in the annexure appended to this order , by Karnataka State Women's Development Corporation .

The government order no:MME:45:WDC: 2006 DATED 2-4-07 has been partially rectified, and directed that the share capital amount must not used for any assistance or subsidy.

By the order of the Governor of Karnataka, and in his name

S/d /-

Under Secretary to Government

Department of Women and Child Development


The Editor , Karnataka State Gazetteer has been requested to publish the same in the next issue .

Copy to

Accountant general ( A&E) of Karnataka , Bengaluru.

Director , Department of Women and Child Development .

Managing Director , Karnataka State Women's Development Corporation , Bengaluru

Chief Secretary to Government , Economics Department.

Chief Secretary to Government , Planning Commission.

Director , Action Plan Division , Department of Planning and Statistics

Director ,State Huzur treasury, Podium block , Visweswaraiah Tower , Dr.Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru .

Deputy Director , State Huzur Treasury , Bengaluru City, near J.C Road , Bengaluru .

General Manager , SBM , Tresury Branch, Shivajinagar , Bengaluru .

Secretary to Hon'ble Chief Minister , Vidhana Soudha .

Secretary to Hon'ble Chief Minister , Vidhana Soudha .

Personal Secretary to Hon'ble Departmental Minister.

Division Protection File ; additional

Government order No.MME:45:WDC:2006, dated 5-9-2007 .




  2. The applicant must be a permanent resident of Karnataka .
  3. Financial assistance (subsidy + margin money loan) will be disbursed on priority basis to women benificiaries recommended and identified by MLA'S during Janata Darshana programme conducted by Hon'ble Chief Minister , Govt of Karnataka , and Hon'ble Ministers of other departments , with approval from the Corporation.
  4. Priority will be given to widows , women in acute problem, handicapped women and devadasi women.
  5. The applicants should possess sufficient knowledge and experience in the purposes and trtades for which they wish to avail of asistance .
  6. Applicants must be between 18 to 55 years of age .
  7. The anual income of the family of the applicant must not exceed Rs .40000


    On the basis of the funds available under this project in the corporation, an action plan will be drawn up every year , and the district - wise targets fixed accordingly. The forms for availing the loan facility under this schedule will be printed by the Corporation and sent to the Deputy Director , Assistant Director, Women's Development Department and Ex-officio District Manager , Karnataka State Women's Development Corporation .

  1. Once the anual targets are set and laid out by the corporation, applications must be invited from people with eligibility by releasing several advertisements in local newspapers as per the targets decided.
  2. Measures must be undertaken to ensure wide publicity in local newspapers about receiving applications , and that women receive aplications in all villages.
  3. The applications received must be registered in the inward register expressly prepared and opened for this without fail, and the spot inspection conducted for applications received.
  4. Activities that can be conducted in a profitable manner, based on local resources, strengths, and skills of locals must be identified .
  5. As far as possible, projects that have a stable marketing system must be identified.

    Essential documents to be submitted alongwith the application :
  1. Caste certificate
  2. Certificate of annual income of the family
  3. Ration card / Voter's identity card
  4. Project Report
  5. Letter regarding training or experience
  6. Photograph

    Members of the District Committee constituted to choose beneficiaries :
District Manager, K.S.W.D. Corporation, and :Chairman Deputy Director, W&C Dept
Manager, Lead Bank of the District: Member
All District Child Development Officers: Member
District Manager, NABARD: Member
Development Observer, KSWD Corporation :Member Secretary .


The applications received with proper records will be subjected to initial scrutiny by the District Office. These will be then examined by the District Selection Committee, and the selected applications will be recommended for sanction of loan to the branch of the Bank in the service area of the applicants .

In the event that the Bank Officials agree to sanction the loan after reviewing the Economic Feasibility, profitability , market situation of the project submitted by the applicants, a comprehensive sanction letter must be sent to the District Office of the Corporation with promoter's contribution, margin money loan, bank loan amount and total project cost, details of activities, details of fixed and working capitals, repayment of margin money loan, bank loan repayment and other details.

The District Office will examine the said sanction letter, and after obtaining suitable records from the beneficiary who has obtained the sanction of the loan, will send a suitable recommendation to the Central Office