NORAD - Norwegian Agency for International Development) (Centrally sponsored scheme)

The Department of Women and Child Development under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has implemented a scheme, since 1998-99, to set up Employment-cum-Income Generating and Training-cum-Production Units (Women's Economic Programme) under externally aided NORAD Scheme, now called SWAWLAMBAN

The Scheme is targeted at the poor and needy women in urban and rural areas including migrant labourers, women from weaker sections such as scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, families headed by women and women BPL. If necessary, to enhance coverage, the age criteria can be relaxed up to 50 years and educational qualification confined to the primary level.

Swawlamban aims at providing skill upgradation training for such underprivileged women to take up income generating activities. The per capita training cost, however, is not to exceed Rs.8,000/-. The NGO implementing the Project is responsible for monitoring the economic status and placement of such trained beneficiaries.


Under the scheme, assistance is provided to meet expenditure towards:

Construction of sheds, for Training cum Production purpose, if required

Training costs

Stipend for trainees with attendance incentive

Tool kit for Training cum Production

Dormitory facility if required

Seed money as initial working capital if required

Day care centre

Management training

W D C has been appointed as the nodal agency in the state to receive project proposals from NGOs through district officers of DICs/assistant directors of W&CD. The proposals are processed at W D C after a technical appraisal and forwarded to the Government of India for consideration and sanction after clearance from State Level Screening Committee headed by the principal secretary, W&CD.

Total applications received by KSWDC: 220 numbers

Total applicants recommended to GoI: 74 numbers

Total applicants sanctioned by GoI: 25 numbers

Proposals received during 2003-04: 19 numbers

Proposals recommended to GOI: 14 numbers

SlTradeTrade /Non TradeDuration
Rec  Non   Rec  Total
1Banana & Sisel FibreTraditional620181350   181350
2BeauticianNon-traditional630 7080050000 120800
3Book bindingTraditional650 68500 69500 138000
4Canteen ManagementNon-traditional620 84000   84000
5Community health workersNon-traditional620 95000  --  95000
7Consumer Electronics repairNon-traditional650 127260  42500  169760
8Electronic assemblyNon-traditional12100467460  --  467460
9Food processingTraditional650109950208850  318800
10Hair and skin careNon-traditional63068100 50000  118100
11Handloom weavingTraditional450 8820095000  183200
12HosieryNon-traditional65012820051500  179700
13Home ScienceNon-traditional420 51000  --  51000
14Honey productionTraditional64011940055000 174400
15House keepingNon-traditional620176475 30000 206475
16Jute good manufactureTraditional65011900034500 153500
17Laboratory technicianNon-traditional1220160000   -- 160000
18Lace makingNon-traditional630124446 31250 155696
19Hand made lacesTraditional65044190 13250  57440
20LeatherTraditional1230195300 33600 228900
21Mushroom cultivationTraditional43047225   --47225
22Office ManagementNon-traditional12301548007900162700
23Radio & TV TrainingNon-traditional125025200078350330350
24Rexine Bag makingNon-traditional42011445029000143450
 25Screen PrintingNon-traditional1230132000116280248280
26Secretarial PracticeNon-traditional65012285090000212850
27Shoe makingNon-traditional325785001812596625
28Soft toys makingTraditional610026400066000330600
29Typing & ShorthandNon-traditional65011497552500167475
30Zari craft & Patch workTraditional1210041895040000458950
32Medical TranscriptionNon-traditional1260355000125000480000
34Readymade GarmentsTraditional65015403537000191035
35Gem cuttingTraditional6100271360200000471360
36Tie & Dye or block PrintingNon - traditional65013200034575166575​