The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held it or has under its control or used by the employees for discharging functions:

  1. The Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
  2. The Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.
  3. The Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.
  4. The Karnataka Motor Vehicle Taxation, Act, 1957.
  5. The Karnataka Motor Vehicle Taxation, Rules, 1957.
  6. The Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950.
  7. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation Rules, 1961.
  8. The Karnataka Civil Services (Service & Kannada Language Examination) Rules, 1974.
  9. The Departmental Promotion Committees.
  10. The Karnataka Civil Services (General Recruitment) Rules, 1977.
  11. The Karnataka Civil Services (Probation) Rules, 1977.
  12. Reservation roster for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & other backward Classes.
  13. The Karnataka Civil Services (Performance Reports) Rules, 1994.
  14. The Karnataka Public Service Commission (Consultation) Regulation, 2000.
  15. Appointment to the dependents of Government Servants who die while in service on compassionate grounds.
  16. The Karnataka Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1957.
  17. The Karnataka Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1966.
  18. The Karnataka Government (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1977.
  19. Karnataka Transaction of Business Rules, 1977.​
  20. The Karnataka Government Servants (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1963.
  21. The Karnataka Civil Services Rules.