Powers and Duties of Gardeners of District Watershed Development Office


  • Works under the guidance of Horticultural Assistant to carryout all works in connection with the implementation of horticulture activities in the field and in nursery.
  • Carryout all works in connection with production of planting materials such as grafting, budding, collection of scion sticks, spraying, etc. as per guidance of Horticultural Assistant.
  • Carry out other item of work entrusted to him by the higher authorities from time to time.
  • Minimum 22 field visits per month.
  • Ensure integration with other sectors for integrated Watershed Development.
  • Responsible for progress in schemes / components entrusted for which is in-charge.
  • ​​Associates with watershed associations village Forest Committees and other social institutions, committees and ensure participatory management of watershed programme.​