Powers and Duties of Hydro Geologist (Ground water Recharge) of Watershed Development Department

  • ​He will provide guidance to the DWDOs and other sectoral heads in the implementation of micro-watershed development for Ground Water Recharge under Watershed Projects. Further, he will also provide geologists feasibility certificate, preparation of plans as per the guidelines.
  • Delineation of micro-watersheds based on the drilled bore well sources points; examine drainage system, weathering depth, degree of porosity and permeability, infiltration capacity and make recommendations.
  • Inspect and identify the micro-watersheds which are feasible for taking up treatments for ground water recharge.
  • Hydro-geological field inspections of micro watershed and giving guidance to field staff.
  • He shall scrutinize the plans and estimates with reference to the guidelines. .
  • Minimum 10 field visits per month or as specified from time to time.
  • Any other works entrusted by the Commissioner, Watershed Development Department like external evaluation of ground water recharge component, review of treatment strategy for ground water recharge etc.
  • Ensure integration with other sectors for integrated Watershed Development Department.
  • ​Ensure planning implementation and monitoring of physical and financial progress of watershed Development Schemes of Districts and projects, components entrusted by Commissioner, Watershed Development Department.​​​