Powers and Duties of Joint Director, Agriculture (Agronomy)


  • ​Assist the Director of Watershed. In Planning and implementation and monitoring of Agriculture Sector activities of all Watershed Development Projects / Programmes.
  • Responsible for progress in schemes / components entrusted for which he is in-charge.
  • Ensure timely sanction, release of funds from central and State level to Districts, timely furnishing of utilization certificates to State and Centre in respect of schemes / component for which he is responsible.
  • Suggesting suitable cropping system, farming system, as well as contingent plans in watersheds
  • Keep close liaison with other line Departments, Universities, agencies etc.
  • Visit field at regular intervals not less than 10 visits per month and provide technical guidance to field staff, pertaining to watersheds works.
  • ​Associate in monitoring and evaluation of activities of Agricultural Sector in Watershed Development Projects
  • ​Any other work entrusted by the Commissioner or the Director of Watershed.
  • Ensure integration with other sectors for integrated Watershed Development.
  • Planning for and arranging concurrent midterm and final evaluation of schemes / projects entrusted to him.
  • ​​Ensure planning implementation and monitoring of physical and financial progress of watershed Development Schemes of Districts and of project components entrusted by Commissioner, Watershed Development Department.​