Duties of Principal (DDA) of Training Centre Staff


  • Shall be in charge of matters relating to training centre.
  • Shall be responsible for technical and ad​​ministrative control of the training centre as per delegation of powers.
  • He shall prepare action plan of training programmes for the year in advance and submit to competent authority for approval.
  • Responsible for review and evaluate the teaching of theory practical programmes methodology, introduce latest advanced methods of teaching, training from time to time.
  • Responsible to formulate annual and five year plan proposals in respect of training centre and submit the same to the competent authority for obtaining required sanctions.
  • He shall take classes wherever necessary.
  • He shall be responsible to organize training for different sectoral technical staff suitably.
  • Responsible to prepare and publish Watershed literature.
  • Shall be responsible for submitting periodicals to higher authorities.
  • Any other work entrusted by the competent authority.e.​