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With the need for knowledge specific and specialized training programme for HOD and 2IC's of respective state Dept's under Govt. of Karnataka. The following programmes covering the entire e–Governance life cycle and its various aspects have been received with huge and encouraging response from the Departments and their respective participating officers.

The programmes have been organized at Centre for e-governance and till date and the list of programmes conducted and the attending strength from various departments has been listed below: 

  1. NISG STEP – There are 23 programmes which have been conducted and have been attended by 305 officers from 70 State Departments for various E-Governance programmes.
  2. One Day/Half Day Workshop - There are 11 programmes which have been conducted and the programmes have been attended by 2000 officers from 102 State Departments for various E-Governance programmes. 
  3. Computer literacy test 07 Day workshop- There are 22 programmes which have been conducted and the programmes have been attended by 2700 officers ranging from middle level to executive management officers  from 132 State Departments.
  4. Human Resource Management (HRMS) Training –District level training programmes has been conducted and 10000 officers and staff are trained and via satellite level training programmes 30,000 officers are trained on various aspects of HRMS.
  5. E – Procurement Training to Government Officers and Vendors- The training programmes has been attended by 17300+ Government officers and 7200 contractors from 275 State/Central/Corporation  departments on various aspects of e-Procurement. This e-Procurement training is a continuous process of imparting trainings.
  6. Regional Level e-Governance Workshops- 
     These have been conducted at Kalburgi, Belgavi and Mangaluru. Nearly 1000 Officers have attended the workshop.

During the month of January 2016 in association with NISG, CeG conducted (e-Governance project Management workshop) for 55 SC/ST/TSP Officers.


                       Dr. Rathan Kelkar CEO Center for e-Governance addressing the trainees.                                                                         ​          Trainees. 

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