SO No 2092 The object behind the creation of this Unit originally was to bring about stricter enforcement of the provisions of the PCR Act 1955, and to deal with the cases of harassment and atrocities against the persons belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The functions of this Unit were further expanded during the year 1975 through a Government Order, which stipulated that this Unit shall collect intelligence and investigate into case of :-

1. Violation of Government Orders pertaining to reservation of 18% posts,

2. Violation of Government Orders pertaining to earmarking and utilization of funds;

3. Violation of the provisions of Karnataka Land Grant Rules;

4. Violation of Government directions, relating to eviction from Gomal lands;

5. Violation of rules pertaining to grant of sites;

6. Wrongful alienation of the inam land and house sites;

7. Wrongful eviction of SCs/STs by the landlords;

8. Wrongful eviction of SC/STs by other communities and Government agencies;

9. Cases of production of false caste certificaties;