​​C​ivil Registration, National Sample Survey and Local Bodies​​ Rule/Acts​​​​​​​​​​​​

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The main functions of the division are :​

Collection & Analysis of Vital Statistics of the Civil Registration System, the Medical Certification of cause of death in selected hospitals - government and private, the conduct of National Sample Surveys with the National Sample Survey Organisation of Government of India, collection of Local Body Statistics, collection of data relating to the representation of SCs & STs in the State civil services.

I. (a) Civil Registration System (CRS) :

Under this, births & deaths duplicate returns from both the urban & rural areas as registered by the concerned authorities are being received from the concerned Tahsildars (Coded returns) & the Local Bodies (Commissioners/Chief Officers/Project Officer etc.) every month respectively. These returns are being scrutinised, processed and reports thereon are prepared and submitted to the Registrar General of India & others . In addition Special Monthly Report in the prescribed format giving the details of births, deaths & infant deaths registered etc. is also being received from the DSOs (both the urban & rural areas) which are compiled and forwarded to the Registrar General of India.

 (b) Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD) 
 Under this the data in the prescribed form are being received from the selected hospitals & nursing homes every month and the same is processed & report is generated by the concerned section.

II. National Sample Survey (NSS) :

NSS was started in the year 1950 to conduct the nation-wide Socio-economic enquiries as a multi-subject survey in the form of rounds (usually of one year). The sample design, selection of sample, preparation of questionnaires, instructions etc. will be done by the NSSO, SDRD, Kolkatta. NSSO will impart training to the FOD Officers and State Officers at the all India level, while the DES (Government of Karnataka) conducts the training to the DSOs and their staff at the State level for every round. The Directorate is in charge of overall supervision of field works and is also responsible for tabulation, design of data entry formats, validation and updating of data, development of software for table generation etc. & report writing and publication of results.

III. Local Bodies Statistics (LBS) :

Under this the data in the prescribed formats (both state & N.B.O) are being received from the Municipalities on an annual & quarterly basis directly at the head quarters. Data required by the State Government of Karnataka are scrutinised, processed and report is prepared annually. The construction data on housing activities as required are compiled and forwarded to N.B.O.

IV. Representation of SCs and STs in the State Civil Services :​ 

This section collects the data in the prescribed format relating to Schedule Castes & Schedule Tribes in the State Civil Services from all the Heads of Departments of Karnataka State once in a year and the same are scrutinised and report is generated.