Aadhaar Pilot Projects​


  • Maharashtra was the first State to implement the State resident Data Hub (SRDH) in the State Data Center.
  • More than 3.5 Cr. of residents' data are present in the SRDH at present, which is the highest in the country.
  • Maharashtra Govt. has developed a Self seeding module wherein any resident can seed his data related to PDS, NREGA, Driving License etc. either through SMS or through Web. This is the first example of real use of SRDH in the country, and the source code has been shared with UIDAI for replication in other States.
  • Maharashtra Govt. has developed Web services through which dept. applications can access the SRDH data, which is being presently tested by Registration and Sales Tax depts.
  • Wardha is testing a seeding application which may be rolled out to other district with few modifications.


  • Six Districts of Maharashtra (Mumbai City, Mumbai suburban, Pune, Nandurbar, Amravati and Wardha) have been selected for implementation of Aadhaar Enabled Payments System. Aadhaar enrolment is in full swing in these districts, which the enrolment reaching more than 80% in Wardha district.
  • The State Govt. is aiming at making Wardha a fully financially included district and has issued guidelines on incentives to ASHA and Anganwadi workers for helping women members of the household in opening bank accounts. Similar schemes may be rolled out to other districts.
  • Govt. of Maharashtra has issued Govt. Resolutions making UID of teachers and students mandatory for release of funds to schools from the next academic session. The process of UID enrolment for students and teachers is in full swing and this move is expected to remove fake/duplicate students and teachers from the academic system.
  • UID shall be mandatory for all driving licenses.
  • Housing Dept. initiative – Govt. has issued instructions to make UID mandatory for application for availing benefits of various housing schemes in Mumbai (through MHADA, SRA, MCGM, MMRDA, etc.) through single software. The application needs to be linked to UID and applicant's UID needs to be captured.
  • PDS Pilot - PDS dept. pilot for seeding of resident data with UID is being conducted in Colaba area of Mumbai. The same shall be extended to other areas in the State and the data shall be then validated with the help of SRDH. A GIS based pilot project to be done with UID, PDS and Election data for the Colaba region and Deoli taluka of Wardha.
  • NREGA Pilots - Similar to the PDS Pilot Project, pilot for seeding the resident data with UID being conducted in Wardha district.
  • Dilasa project in Aurangabad – Pilot project was done in Aurangabad to seed UID data with beneficiaries of Sanjay Gandhi Old Age Pension scheme. This had helped in removal of duplicates in beneficiaries scheme.
  • Experiment in Thane district for direct payment into UID numbers – Pilot Project seed the data with SRDH and to directly make payments to the beneficiaries through banks. Similar to NREGA Pilot.Identified 34 (central/ state) schemes of departments, for which beneficiaries having Aadhaar numbers must be linked to their bank accounts for cash transfer directly to their bank accounts. If beneficiaries don't have Aadhaar numbers or bank accounts yet, they will be enrolled and bank accounts would be opened in the single point and their records will be seeded for the various schemes entitled.

Aadhaar Based Payment to Government Employees

  • Payment to all employees of IT department were done on the basis of Aadhaar Bridge Payment – First to launch in the country.
  • Payment to Employees of Wardha Collector Office has been done on 'Single Hop Payment' basis.

Quality control Application through Face Detection Application

  • State Government has taken an initiative to run a quality check of the Aadhaar Database.
  • Proof of Concept on face detection on 10,000 photos ran successfully where parameters as Age Mismatch and Gender Mismatch was highlighted.
  • The State now plans to run the same quality check on the Entire USRDH which has more than 6.5 Crore of data.

Itz Cash Pilot

Itz Cash along with Visa and Hdfc are doing a pilot project in wardha for issuing saral money aadhaar payment account ( pre paid debit card on visa platform) to students for getting their scholarships in that account. Total no of cards to be issued is 5000Following are the features of Aadhaar Saral money card

  • Access to all ATM and visa enabled POS.
  • Direct transfer of Government Benefits.
  • Online usage and Limited risk.
  • Card can loaded through net banking or through designated outlets near collage.
  • Instant issuance and activation.