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Dear Citizens,

Corruption is one of factors which adversely affect the economy of our country.  Corruption threatens and hurts economic growth.  Corruption can be a product of collusion, in which both parties cooperate, willing to enter into a transaction.  Corruption is a broad term covering a wide range of misuse of entrusted funds and power for private gain: Theft, fraud, nepotism, abuse of power etc.  In a democratic system, offices and institutions lose their legitimacy when they’re misused to private advantage.  This is harmful in established democracies.  Economically, corruption depletes national wealth.  Corruption erodes the social fabric of society.  It undermines people’s trust in the system.

In order to effectively tackle the menace of corruption in Governance, the Government of Karnataka has established Anti-Corruption Bureau on the lines of Central Bureau of Investigation.

We seek the cooperation of public in curbing this menace.  You can be a partner with the ACB to fight corruption.  Media also helps in unearthing irregularities in various departments.  The ACB needs help from the people and from the media in identifying corrupt public servants, their brokers, their modus operandi and the way in which corrupt conceal their ill-gotten wealth.

ACB in our State is striving to curb corrupt practices.  It has started newly to built up awareness among honest citizens through its activities and they are coming forward to prefer complaints.  The website also gives information related to the functioning of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Karnataka.

Anti-Corruption Bureau, Karnataka requests the public to join hands with us to fight corruption in public life and make Karnataka a corruption free state.


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