​Objectives of the Institution


1.    To promote, establish, Maintain and develop a Medical college with a view to provide  comprehensive relief and treatment and advanced care to citizens and to encourage  and promote research and training in human ailments.

2.    To evolve, organise and supervise, programes, to detect health problems, educate the public, regarding the control of various diseases which are prevalent in the country.

3 . To support, organise and encourage, clinical and basic research progrmes, relating  to the diagnosis  and treatment of human ailments.

4.    To organise teaching and training of Medical undergraduates and postgraduates in the science of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and research in human ailments, with stress on preventive aspects of such diseases in the community.

5.    To proved for undergraduate & postgraduate teaching and to prescribe courses and auricular in Medicine and surgery.

6.    To Maintain books,  Journals  and other lectures on human diseases

Belgaum Institute of Medical Sciences started during 2005 in 25 acers of land, in the premises of District  Hospital at Belgaum. The Institute located on, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Road, Belgaum.

The college building area covers 12,712sq ft

  The institute is fully equipped  Laboratories, Museums, Examination  Hall, Auditorium, Lecture Halls, Library  Gymnasium, Staff and The Teaching Faculty.