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Karnataka Government is a pioneer in the use of ICTs in making Government services available to all the residents. As a result, e-Governance has emerged as a preferred medium to deliver government services in the state with Bhoomi, KAVERI, UPOR, e-procurement, HRMS, Nemmadi, Bangalore One and Karnataka One taking the Karnataka state in the forefront of e-Governance in the country. Karnataka has around 709 mobiles per 1000 of population whereas the Internet users are just 8-9 percent of the total population.

Similarly at the all India level there are 600 million unique subscribers with around 900 million total subscriptions. Considering that we are looking at the near saturation scenario by the year 2014, the emphasis should be to leverage this technology to bridge the digital divide and make it a potent medium for delivery of government services. The reach and penetration of mobile phones can ensure Karnataka has around 709 mobiles per 1000 of population whereas the Internet users are just 8-9 percent of the total population. The reach and penetration of mobile phones can ensure the delivery of a large number of services in a cost effective, fast and seamless manner even without physical access, as is seen from such initiatives around the world. This phenomenon can be a significant driver for growth and development in India.

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Some of the objectives of implementing M-Governance in Government are as follows:

  • To enable various channels like SMS, USSD, IVR, Smart Client, STK, Mobile Web.
  • To enable various telecom operators where the connectivity can be enabled only through the Telco (ex. USSD).
  • To enable various payment instruments like credit cards, Bank Accounts via NPCI, prepaid card, mobile wallet, operator billing.
  • To mobile enable Bangalore One, Nemmadi, Karnataka One centres to provide mobile services.
  • To have necessary connectivity and bandwidth for the departments to enable / plug-in their services in a seamless manner.
  • To facilitate the inter-operability across channels, payment instruments and departments to take maximum benefit of the platform.
  • To leverage State Data Center for hosting mobile applications and servers.
  • To enable Mobile framework for various G2C, G2G, G2E, G2B services.
  • To implement Consistent & Optimal Business Model so that the Departments do not have burden themselves with the development and implementation of M-Governance.


The vision is to provide the services to people in both Urban and Rural Karnataka by utilizing the reach of mobile connectivity and the power of mobile device to develop/on-board applications and deliver services for inclusive development of the State of Karnataka.


The mission is to transform delivery of public services, foster innovation, promote entrepreneurial culture, provide a self-sustaining platform for multi-channel and ubiquitous access to government as well as value added services to the people in Karnataka.


Following are the services that have been planned to be delivered on Mobile platform:


  • Information Delivery using SMS.

  • Access to transaction and information using internet on mobile (Mobile Web).

  • Interactive session (USSD) to retrieve information / perform transaction.

  • Dial a # (IVR)to receive information in Kannada.

  • Access to transaction and information using application on mobile.

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  1. Digital Citizen Solutions Award – Rank I, Express IT Awards.

  2. Award of Appreciation, CSI Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2015.

  3. Order of Merit, SKOCH ‘Smart Governance Award 2015.

  4. mBillionth Award South Asia 2015. [m-Governance Category]

  5. 1st Runner-Up, NDTV-Cisco ‘Digitizing India Awards’, 2015.
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