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The State of Karnataka has always been a pioneer and front runner interms of understanding and creating the awareness of e-Governance necessity for its state Government employees across the entire cross section of hierarchy from HOD and 2IC’s till the last man stakeholder, in terms of creating required level of sensitization training programmes regarding the various levels of ever growing changes with respect to technology, processes and best practices. These training programmes have been designed to enhance the functional capability of Government mechanism for better and faster delivery of citizen services.



In respect to which a series of 01 day, half day and 03 day workshops have been organized and successfully conducted by Centre for E-Governance at various levels and intervals.



Taking this initiative forward, a need was felt to conduct e0vernance capacity building workshops in collaboration with CDAC and NISG for carrying out knowledge specific and Specialised Training in e-Governance Programmes (STEP) under State Government capacity building workshops.



It was envisaged to develop competencies and skills of e-Governance project implementation teams across State Government sectors, cutting through the hierarchy of offices of various line departments up to field level implementation.




The objective of carrying out knowledge specific and Specialised Training in e-Governance Programmes under State Government capacity building workshops, was to introduce and sensitize the various departments and their representatives with the various aspects of e-Governance, which include of the Programmes, technology, uses and the implications. Facilitate transformation in government departments by equipping select teams with skills in process re-engineering and enterprise architecture. Support project officers by imparting training on modern project and change management techniques and tools.




  1. To develop Basic ICT skills in Government officers to carryout office work and to enhance the office productivity on applications, internet and email.

  2. e-Governance related knowledge and skills to address the competencies required during project execution e-Governance life cycle, Government Process Re-engineering, Business model and PPP, regulatory framework and IT Act, Contract management, DPR, RFP and Change Management.

  3. To disseminate knowledge on MMP specific e-Governance competencies and applications.

  4. Soft skills for developing the right attitude for the e-Governance transformations such as team building, leadership, effective presentation.

  5. Encourage Government officers to develop specialized professional skills in the areas of technology and management. Such as project management, IT Security and IT Audit.



  1. One day and Half Day Workshops in collaboration with CDAC.

  2. 03 Days specialised programme on e-Governance training and best practices study in collaboration with NISG.

  3. Computer literacy programme, a continued process carried out in phases, comprising of Government officers in various batches. Conducted in collaboration with KEONICS.





With the need for Knowledge specific and specialised training programme for HOD and 2IC’s of respective state Dept’s under Govt. of Karnataka. The following programmes covering the entire e–Governance life cycle and its various aspects have been received with huge and encouraging response from the Departments and their respective participating officers.

  1. NISG STEP – CEG conducts close to around 12 programmes which are attended by 180 officers ranging from HOD, 2IC’s and middle level management officers from 80 State Departments on an annual basis for various E-Governance programmes.

  2. One Day/Half Day Workshop - CEG conducts close to around 10 programmes which are attended by 1500 officers ranging from HOD, 2IC’s and middle level management officers from 102 State Departments on an annual basis for various E-Governance programmes.

  3. Computer literacy test 07 Day workshop- There are 20 programmes which have been conducted and the programmes have been attended by 2000 officers ranging from middle level to executive management officers from 102 State Departments for various E-Governance programmes.

  4. Human Resource Management (HRMS) Training – CEG conducts close to around 30 programmes which are attended by 3000 officers from 125 State Departments on an annual basis which also includes some boards and corporations and Universities on various aspects of HRMS.

  5. E – Procurement Training to Government Officers and Vendors- There training programmes has been attended by 16000+ Government officers and 5000 contractors from 275 State/Central/Corporation Departments on various aspects of e-Procurement.



The programme ensured that the participants received a complete understanding of the computer literacy aspects, entire e-Governance Life cycle and e-Governance knowledge specific topics along with various practice exercises which were carried out for their better understanding of the concept and assimilation to the grass root level, which would help them in formulating and implementing appropriate e-governance initiatives in their respective Departments.




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