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The Department of Town and Country Planning is mainly involved in the task of preparing Master plans and their enforcement and in extending technical assistance to various Government Departments/Local Bodies for the orderly development of ci​ties, towns and villages. The main functions of the Town and Country Planning Department are;​

  • Preparation of Master plans for cities, towns and potential villages, after conducting necessary physical and socio-economic surveys and obtaining approval from the Government under the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act ,1961 for these plans;

  • Preparation of town extension schemes, development/ improvement schemes, rehabilitation schemes, ashraya schemes, and other such schemes;

  • Assisting the Karnataka State Town and Country Planning Board and giving technical assistance to Urban Development Authorities/Planning Authorities in plan preparation, implementation and enforcement under the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act, 1961;

  • Offering technical assistance to developmental agencies like Karnataka Housing Board, Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board, Karnataka Slum Clearance Board and other such agencies;

  • Design/approval of layout plans of private individuals, Organisations, Government and Quasi-Government agencies;

  • Furnishing of technical opinion to Revenue Department regarding conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural uses;

  • Offering technical opinion to the District Magistrate regarding issue of licenses to permanent / semi-permanent cinema theatres and Multiplexes.

  • Preparation of systematic, efficient and safe traffic management schemes and giving technical assistance to local authorities for the implementation of the same.​​

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