Welcome to Department of Town and Country Planning


The Department of Town and Country Planning is mainly involved in the task of preparing Master plans and their enforcement and in extending technical assistance to various Government Departments/Local Bodies for the orderly development of cities, towns and villages. The main functions of the Town and Country Planning Department are;

  1. Preparation of Master plans for cities, towns and potential villages, after conducting necessary physical and socio-economic surveys and obtaining approval from the Government under the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act ,1961 for these plans;


  1. Preparation of town extension schemes, development/ improvement schemes, rehabilitation schemes, ashraya schemes, and other such schemes;


  1. Assisting the Karnataka State Town and Country Planning Board and giving technical assistance to Urban Development Authorities/Planning Authorities in plan preparation, implementation and enforcement under the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act, 1961;


  1. Offering technical assistance to developmental agencies like Karnataka Housing Board, Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board, Karnataka Slum Clearance Board and other such agencies;


  1. Design/approval of layout plans of private individuals, Organisations, Government and Quasi-Government agencies;


  1. Furnishing of technical opinion to Revenue Department regarding conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural uses;


  1. Offering technical opinion to the District Magistrate regarding issue of licenses to permanent / semi-permanent cinema theatres and Multiplexes.


  1. Preparation of systematic, efficient and safe traffic management schemes and giving technical assistance to local authorities for the implementation of the same.