​​​Karnataka is one of the pioneer state to introduce Vocational Education at +2 stage way back in 1977. Government of Karnataka has established a separate Directorate of Vocational Education to support the Vocationalisation of Education at +2 stage. Major vocational areas which have been identified for imparting Vocational Education  are :​


2.Commerce and Business

3.Technical Courses

4. Job-Linked Courses

5Home Science

Till the end of 8th Five Year Plan, Government of India was providing assistance to cover 100% grants to course expenditure and other grants like equipment, building grants etc. However, at present, The Department of Vocational Education (DVE), Karnataka functions under the ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Government of Karnataka. At present, Vocational Education is being imparted in 29 trades through 500+ colleges providing 891 course-units run in the following type of institutions :

1Pre-University Colleges.

2. First Grade Colleges.

3. Polytechnics.     


To receive vocational education.

Right to such an education which develops personality, talent, mental and physical efficiency.


1. To have a name and nationality.

2. Protection from damage of individuality.

3. Right to express one’s own opinion.

4. Freedom to think, follow religion and analyse.

5. Right to participate in peaceful organizations and to organize.

6. Right to collect required information from various sources.

7. Right to protect individuality (Right to lead a private life)

8. Right to protection from cruelty, violence, inhuman acts, improper behaviors and punishment.

9. Right to protection from illegal arrest and anything that mars freedom.


Physically handicapped persons act 1995 has come into force as law in the year 1996.  It fixes the responsibility on the central as well as the state governments.  Those Governments are to provide various facilities and services to physically handicapped children so that, like true citizens they too can participate actively in activities and enjoy equal opportunities, protection and complete progress.  It is recommended to refer the act for complete information.

The main objectives of vocational education are:

(i) Enhancing individual employability.

(ii)To reduce mis-match between the demand and supply of skilled man-power .

(iii)To provide an alternative for those pursuing higher education without particular interest or purpose.

(iv)To attract the rural students towards self-employment.