Terms of Reference

Annexure to G.O.No. FD76 Sa.Ma.Ya. 2009, dated : 6-6-2009

Terms of Reference of Expenditure Reforms Commission

  • Review the efficacy of programmes/schemes of major departments, and make recommendations for their restructuring and convergence to facilitate
    improvement in their development effectiveness;

  • Suggest a framework for performance and outcome monitoring of the development schemes/programmes;

  • Review the scope for consolidation of smaller schemes and expenditure items with common/complementary objectives into a fewer number of viable programmes;

  • Review the processes and institutional mechanisms of programme implementation and service delivery to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness;

  • Review the framework of all subsidies, both explicit and implicit, examine the economic rationale for their continuance and make recommendations for making subsidies transparent and suggest measures for maximizing their impact on the target population at minimum cost;

  • Suggest an effective strategy for meeting a reasonable proportion of expenditure on services through user charges;

  • Suggest areas for adoption of new technologies including information technology for effective implementation of programmes and delivery of services;

  • Recommend measures for optimizing the staff strength of Government Departments, attached offices and institutions, for skill upgradation of existing staff, and for redeployment of programmes and delivery of services;

  • Consider any other relevant issue concerning expenditure management in Government and make suitable recommendations.

Ajay Seth
Secretary to Government (B&R)
Finance Department