E.S.I. Scheme is a Premier Social Security Scheme.  The E.S.I. Scheme was first implemented on 24.02.1952 in the industrial town of Kanpur and Delhi.  This Multi-Dimensional Social Security Scheme not only provides full Medical care to the Insured Persons and their families but also provides the following cash benefits.

    1. Sickness Benefits.

    2. Maternity Benefits.

    3. Dependent Benefits.

    4. Disablement Benefits.

    5. Funeral Benefits.

   6. Rehabilitation allowance

   7. Unemployment allowance / Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Yojane

    The scheme provides two types of services, which are medical and cash benefit.  Medical benefits are provided through E S I S M Services, which is under the control of State Govt., Labour Secretariat.  The cash benefit is provided through ESI Corporation, which is under the control of Central Government. 


ESI Scheme

      ESI Scheme  is being extended to employees drawing a salary of  Rs.21,000/- per month with effect from 01-01-2017.  This Scheme is extended to units employing 10 or more employees.  The Scheme has been extended to employees working in Hotels, Cinema Theatres, Print media, Transport and  Commercial establishments.   From 16-03-2011 employees working educational institutions and medical institutions are covered under the Scheme. 

           The State Government entered into an agreement with ESI Corporation to provide full medical care to insured persons and their families for which E.S.I. Corporation bears 7/8th share of expenditure made by the Department and the State Government bears 1/8th share only. Subject to ceiling prescribed by the ESI Corporation on full medical care from time to time.

        At present full medical care is being extended to 30.73 lakhs of Insured Persons and  about 150.00 lakhs of their family members through a network of 10 ESI Hospitals (Including E S I C Model Hospital Rajajinagar,  Peenya and Kalburgi), 112 Full time ESI Dispensaries, 06 IMP Systems and one Diagnostic Center.