Civil Engineering

CIVIL ENGINEERING Department was started in the year 2007. Apart from academic programmes, the department also undertakes testing and design consultancy services from government departments as well private and semi private sectors. The department has highly qualified faculty of which few are having Ph.D.degrees. Department has well equipped laboratories.

Department is recognized as the center for the third party inspections for different Government of Karnataka Projects . Department has recently statred a P.G. Course in Structural Engineering which is a extension centre of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum.

The Department is Headed by Dr.Jagadish Kori M.Tech, Ph.d


1Dr.K.B.PrakashPrincipal 27Structural EngineeringM.E,Ph.D
2Dr.Jagadish Kori Prof. & HOD 19Structural EngineeringM.Tech., Ph.D
3Mr.Shreepad Desai Associate Prof.10Computer Aided Design of Structures (CADS)M.Tech.
4Mr.Basappa S.MetiAssociate Prof.21Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering (HWRE)M.E
5Mr.Basavaraj B.Hunashyal Associate Prof.17Structural Engineering M.E.
6Mrs. Vahini MAssociate Prof.11Computer Aided Design of Structures & Substructures (CADSS)M.Tech
7Mr.Manjunatha HAssistant Prof.07Highway Technology M.Tech ( Ph.D)
8Mr. Siddalingappa SAssistant Prof.06Computer Aided Design of structures & Substructures (CADSS)M.Tech
9Mr. Siddanagouda Patil Assistant Prof.06Constructional Technology & Management M.Tech
10Mr. Yogeendra R.HAssistant Prof.05Computer Aided Design of Structures (CADS)M.Tech
11Mr.Vinayak Vijapur Assistant Prof.15Computer Aided Design of Structures & Substructures (CADSS)M.Tech.
12Mr.Babu S Chawan Assistant Prof.13GeoTechnical Engineering M.Tech.
13Mr. Kashinath B. RugiAssistant Prof.09GeoTechnical EngineeringM.Tech.
14Mr. Gururaj M VijapurAssistant Prof.06Structural EngineeringM.Tech.
15Dr.Girish.K.HuchchannavarAssistant Prof.10Applied GeologyM.Sc, Ph.D