The college has ladies hostel located in very beautiful and healthy location. The hostel has very spacious rooms which provide comfortable and conductive atmosphere. It has got 20 rooms which can accommadate about 85 students. The rooms are fully furnished, well designed, large and airy with the least inconveniences. 24 hours running water is ensured, mess facilities are well supervised and students get wholesome nutritious food

The warden of the hostel is Miss. Shubha T C Asst. Prof Mechanical Department, GEC Haveri and Co - warden is Miss. Poornima Asst.Prof Computer Science Department GEC Haveri.

​Hostel Rules 

  • The inmates are supposed to be in the hostel other than the regular working hours and the allotted time for going out.
  • Guests are allowed to visit inmates during the visiting time only as given below 
    Working days :5.00 PM -6.30PM 
    Holidays: 10. AM - 6.30 PM
  • No visitors will be permitted to enter hostel rooms.
  • Inmates should get prior permission of the warden to go outside the campus, and should enter the details in the register.
  • The inmates are expected to follow good discipline in the hostel especially in the mess hall.
  • Inmates should keep the rooms neat and tidy, should cooperate to keep the common areas clean.
  • The inmates should treat the hostel staff and other inmates with due respect and kindness. Any tendency to hurt others will invite strict disciplinary action.
  • Ragging is a criminal offence under law and is strictly prohibited.