Account and Audit​​

(Publishing Information under Right to Information Act, 2005 under section 4(1)(b))

  1. The Society shall cause regular accounts to be kept of all it's money and properties in respect of the affairs of the centre;

  2. The Accounts of the Society shall be audited annually by the Auditors appointed by the Govt. of Karnataka & any expenditure incurred in connection with such audit shall be payable by the society to the Auditors; 

  3. The Auditors shall have the same rights, privileges and authorities in connection with the audit of in the accounts of the Society as the Comptroller and Auditor General has in connection with the audit of Govt. Accounts and in particular shall hve the right to demand the production of books, accounts, connected vouchers and other necessary documents and papers and to inspect any of the offices of the Society;

  4. The results of the audit shall be communicated by the Auditor to the Governing Council who shall submit a copy of the Audit export alongwith its observation to the Commerce and Industries Dept. Govt. of Karnataka and to the centre. The Auditor shall  also forward a copy of the report direct to the commerce and Industries Dept. Govt. of Karnataka.

  5. A List of members of the Governing Council, their names, addresses and occupation and a copy of the duly audited Balance sheet and Income & Expenditure account shall be filled with the Registrar  in accordance with the provisions of the Sec. 13 of the Mysore Societies Registration Act, 1960.