​​Composition of the Society

(Publishing Information under Right to Information Act, 2005 under section 4(1)(b))

The Society shall consist of the following member who shall be appointed by the Govt. of Karnataka.

  • The President of the Society,
  • The members of the Governing Council, and
  • Any other person or persons appointed by the Govt. of Karnataka as member / members of the society.
  • The Society shall not have more than 25 members.

The President of the Society shall be nominated by the Govt. of Karnataka from amongst  the  members of the Society and shall hold office  for  such time as may be specified by the Government.

Should any member of the Society be prevented from attending a meeting of  the Society, the Govt. of  Karnataka shall be at liberty to appoint a  substitute to take his place at the meeting of the Society. Such substitute shall  have all the rights and privileges of a member of the Society, including the right to vote for that  meeting only.

The Society shall keep a roll of members giving their addresses and occupations and every member shall sign the same.

​If a member of the Society changes his address, he shall notify his new address to the Secretary and the entry in the roll will be accordingly changed;   but if  he fails to  notify his new address,   the address in the roll of  members  shall be deemed to be his address.