Duration of Appointment​

(Publishing Information under Right to Information Act, 2005 under section 4(1)(b))


Members   of the Society appointed by the   Govt. of   Karnataka    shall hold office for such period as may be prescribed by the Government at the time of their appointment or at any time thereafter.

Where a person is appointed as a Member of the Soceity by reason of the office or the appointment be holds,   his membership of the Society shall terminate when ceases to hold that office or appointment be.

The Govt. of Karnataka may terminate the membership of any member or at one and the same time the membership of all members other than ex-officio members of the society.   Upon such termination the vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the relevant provision of the rules.  The members whose membership is so terminated shall be aligible for re - appointment.

Non-official members of the Society shall hold office for a period of Three Years from the date of their appointment but shall be eligible for re-appointment.

If casual vanacies arise within the Three Years tenurs the persons appointed for the vacancy shall hold office for the un-expired period of tenure.

A member of the Society shall cease to be a member on the happening of any of the following events:-

  1. If he dies, resigns, become of unsound mind, becomes in-solvent  or to be convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude.​
  2. If he does not attend three consecutive meetings of the Society without  proper leave of the president.


A resignation of membership shall be tendered to Society through its and shall not take effect until it has been accepted on behalf of the Society the President.

The President of the Society   may resign from his   office by a   letter addressed to the Government of Karnataka   in   the    Commerce   & Industries Dept. and his resignation shall take effect from the date it is   accepted by the Govt. of Karnataka.

A member of the Society (other than ex-officio member or a member representing the State Government) may resign office by a letter addressed to the president of the Society and such resignation shall take effect from the date it is accepted by the Governing Council.

Any vacancy in the membership of the society caused by any of the reasons mentioned in rule 11 shall be filled up by the Govt. of Karnataka at the request of the President.

The Society shall function not- withstanding that any person who is entitled to be a member by reason of his office is not a member   of the   Society,   for the time being and not-with-standing any other vacancy in its   body whether by non-appointment or otherwise and no act or proceeding of the Society shall be invalidated merely by reason of the happening of any of its members.