​The Particulars of Its Organisation, Functions and Duties​

(Publishing Information under Right to Information Act, 2005 under section 4(1)(b))

Government Tool Room & Training Centre (GTTC), Bangalore is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 as Society.  The Rules and Regulations of the GTTC has been formulated and also the under Memorandum of Association defines the objects for which the Society is established.  The office of the society is situated at Bangalore, Industrial Estate, Rajajinagar Bangalore 560 010 and apart from the Bangalore Office 19 Sub Centers are situated in various parts of Karnataka.

The Society shall consist of the following members who shall be appointed by the Government of Karnataka:

  1. The President of the Society
  2. The Members of the Governing Council and
  3. Any other person or persons appointed by the Government of Karnataka as Member/Members of the Society
The Society shall not have more than 25 members.

The Governing Council generally to carryout the objects of the Society as set forth in the Memorandum of Association.

The Governing Council shall have the management of all the affairs and funds of the Society and shall have authority to exercise all the powers of the Society subject to such limitations in respect of expenditure as the Government of Karnataka from time to time impose.

The Governing Council shall have the power to appoint financial and other committees or  sub committees for carrying out the objects of the Society.

The Governing Council may be resolution delegate to the Chairman of the Council such of its [powers for the conduct of business as it may deem necessary.

The Chairman may in writing, delegate such of his powers as he may consider necessary to the Director.  The Chairman shall have the authority to review periodically the work and progress of the Society and to order enquiries into the affairs of the Society and to pass orders on the recommendations of the reviewing or enquiry Committee.

The Director shall prescribe, on behalf of the council the duties of all officers and staff of the Society and shall exercise such supervision and disciplinary control as may be necessary in accordance with those rules

It shall be the duty of the Director to co ordinate and exercise general supervision over all the activities of the Society.

The Director shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of affairs of the Society and shall exercise his powers under the directions superintendence and control of the Chairman of the Governing Council.

The Secretary shall be the ex-officio secretary of the Governing Council and such other Committees or bodies as may be determined by the ​Council.

The Secretary shall maintain a record of the proceedings of the Society and of the Governing Council and shall perform such other authorities and duties as may be determined by the Governing Council.