​​Powers and Duties of GTTC Officers and Employees

(Publishing Information under Right to Information Act, 2005 under section 4(1)(b))


(Under Section 4(1) (b)(ii) of Right to Information Act 2005)

Government Tool Room & Training Centre (GTTC), Bengaluru was set up in 1972 to conduct short term as well as long term training programmes to upgrade the skill of freshers as well as personnel working in industries. It is headed by the General Manager. To carry out the functions of different Departments/Divisions both Technical and non Technical personnel are appointed. The structure of both Technical and non Technical posts in GTTC are as under:

A.   Technical

  1. General Manager
  2. Deputy General Manager
  3. Senior Manager
  4. Manager
  5. Senior Engineer
  6. Engineer/Foreman
  7. Master Craftsman
  8. Technician Grade I
  9. Technician Grade II
  10. Technician Grade III
  11. Technician Grade IV


B.   Non Technical

  1. Senior Manager
  2. Manager
  3. Senior Administrative Officer
  4. Senior Accounts Officer
  5. Stores Officer
  6. Accountant
  7. Private Secretary
  8. Receptionist/P.A. Grade I & PA Grade II
  9. Administrative Assistant


All the authorities of the Society are vested with the Governing Council and the Chairman of the Governing Council and the office bearers of the Society are the Chairman and the General Manager. The functions, duties and powers to be discharged by the Chairman, Governing

Council and General Manager are prescribed in the Memorandum of Association and Rules Regulations of the Society.

Certain Administrative and financial powers have been delegated to the General Manager to carry out the day to day functions of the Society.

Administrative and Financial Powers of General Manager

Administrative Powers​


Controlling Officer for Self, staff and non-officials

to whom TA/DA is admissible.

Full powers

To re-delegate powers to staff except statutory/

write off power

Full powers

To  prescribe duties and functions of staff and to

prescribe competent authority for administrative


Full powers

To determine/fix headquarters and to transfer staff

from one place to another

Full powers
5.To determine home town to staffFull powers

Grant of Leave in India and to accept medical/

fitness certificate for leave purposes

Full powers except EL/HPL of GM
7.To grant permission to leave  Head Quarters

Full powers. In the case of GM

information may be sent to

Chairman's office.

8.Appointment of authorized Medical AttendantsFull powers
9.To refer the staff for medical examinationFull powers
10.To forward application for outside jobsFull powers except in case of GM
11.To maintain service records of staffFull powers
12.To main ACRs and Property returns of staffFull powers except in case of GM.
13.To allow change in name/surnameFull powers except in case of GM

To institute enquiry, power to suspend, power to

take disciplinary action.  Authorities defined in


Full powers other than in case of



a)Appointment of staff against sanctioned post

b) Filling up of vacant posts, of which Chief

Executive is the appointing authority

a) Full powers except in case of GM and DGM

b)  Full  power  to  fill  up  posts  fallen vacant due to

retirement, resignation  or  promotion.  (Approval

of  Chairman,  GC  will  be  necessary where  it  is  proposed  to  make  an addition  in  total  staff  strength  or  to fill  up  a  post  lying  vacant  for  more than one year).

16.To accept resignation of staff-do-

Verification of character and antecedents of staff

on appointment

Full powers except incase of GM

To   administer   oath   of   allegiance,   to   accept

marriage   declaration   and   to   arrange   medical

examination  on first appointment

Full powers
19.To accept marriage declaration on appointmentFull powers
20.To extend probationary period of staffFull powers
21.Grant of joining time (as per rules)Full powers
22.Grant of periodical/ stagnation incrementsFull powers
23.To execute power of attorney in case of Excise,Full powers

Sales Tax, ESI, Gratuity etc.

To defend arbitration and Court cases of the Tool

Room and to execute Vakalatnama, petitions and affidavits etc.

Full powers

(GC/Chairman, GC to be kept informed).


To furnish replies to the Audit Officer for the

objections on the Tool Room

Full powers (Chairman, GC to be

kept informed).


To recognize/ de-recognise the Union(s) without

any financial implication

Full powers

Selection/ expulsion of trainees for training


Full powers


Financial Powers


Contingent Expenditure



Rs. 20,000/- in each case

Rs. 50,000/- in each case.


a)  Staff paid from contingency

b) To make ad-hoc engagement of persons for handling    occasional    increase    in    work including engaging Trainees on stipend.

a) Upto maximum No. of five for workshop and two for office.

b)  Full  powers  for  a  period  up  to  one year      and  at  a  consolidated remuneration not exceeding

Rs.15,000/-   p.m.   keeping   in   view   the nature  of  the  jobs  and  qualifications/experience required for the jobs.


Power to authorize staff to travel in higher class

in  exigencies of  work

Full powers. This will be applicable to

the  Officers  of  TR  Division,  O/o  DC,

MSME  traveling  for  Tool  Room  work,for   which   TA/DA   is   borne   by   Tool Room.


To provide official telephone connection without

STD at the residence of Sr. Officers

(Sr.Managers and above) on need basis in the

interest of Tool Room (as per GOI Rules and


​Full powers.
5.Payment of Children's educational allowance​Full powers
6.Reimbursement of Tuition fees​Full powers
7.Grant of Travelling Allowance advanceFull powers
8Grant of LTC AdvanceFull powers

Contribution to Contributory Provident Fund (as

per rules)

Full powers

Contribution to Group Gratuity Scheme (as per


Full powers

Contribution to Group Insurance Scheme (as

per rules)

Full powers

Supply of uniform, badges and other article of

clothing including washing allowance

Full powers subject to approval

Reimbursement of Medical expenses as per

GOI rules

Full powers
14Employees Welfare expenses

Rs. 50,000/- p.a. (GC to be kept



To fix initial pay (as per recommendation of

Selection Committee)

Full powers except in case of GM as

per FRs

16Local Conveyance ChargesFull Powers (As per Govt. Rules)

i)Execution of civil  work  including electrical,water   supply, sewrage,roads,  etc.  repairs  and  alterations to the   same for owned buildings.

ii)Repairs and alterations to hired andrequisitioned buildings.

Rs. 1,50,000/- in each case

(To be reported to Chairman/ GC)

Rs. 15,000/- p.a.


To appoint consultant in the Design, Production,

Marketing, Administration etc.

Upto    Rs.    20,000/-    p.m.    fee    for

maximum one year (To be reported to

Chairman/ GC).


To    engage    Manpower    for    security/    other

services for Tool Room

Full powers (GC to be kept informed)

Payment  of  TA/Honorarium  to  non-officials  &

power  to  fix  their  grade  (interviews,  meetings,


Full powers

To authorize/ accept overdraft from Nationalized


To the extent required for payment of

salary   and   to   meet   other   statutory

requirements for a period of 2 months


not exceeding Rs. 15.00 lakhs. (GC to

be kept informed).


To accept advance from parties for execution of

their orders by the Tool Room

Full powers

Refund of Earnest Money, job work charges due

to defective workmanship

Full powers (GC to be kept informed)

To fix training fee of participants for short term

training courses formulated by Tool  Room

Full powers (GC to be kept informed)

Expenditure for examination/ admission process

for Trainees

Full powers

Appointment of Apprentices, trainees as per

Govt. rules

Full powers

Payment of insurance premium on vehicles,

buildings and equipments/marine transit.

Full powers

Power to engage counsel & make payment of

legal charges, feet to Barristers/ Arbitrators etc.

Full powers

Payment of inspection charges to the Regional

Provident Fund Commissioner

Full powers

Bank commissions payable for remittance as

well as collection of bills etc.

Full powers
31Purchase of  machinery/ Civil works

Full power up to Rs. 100 lakhs with the

following conditions:

a) A five Member Purchase

Committee will be constituted with -

1) General Manager – Chairman

2) GM/PD of another Tool Room/ R. I.

– Member

3) HOD User Deptt. –Member

4) Dii/ Dy.Dir  (TR) –Member

5) GC Member/ outside expert-


b) The Tool Room will follow the

purchase procedure laid down in the

GFR, 2005 and also guidelines issued

by CVC from time to time.

c) For civil works relevant guidelines/

norms will be followed.

d) The machines/ civil works are

included in the Annual Action Plan as

approved by the Chairman, and

e) Necessary funds are available in

the Budget.


Payment of Custom Duty, sales tax, excise,

octroi etc. on machinery/ equipment and other

office materials.

Full powers

Appointment of clearing agent for  Import/

Export of equipments and opening letter of


Full powers

Installation/ commissioning and electrification of

machinery and equipments

Full powers

Purchase of Stores required for workshop

including spares, consumables and raw


Full powers

Motor Vehicles


Purchase (subject to specific



Maintenance, up-keep and repairs

Full powers

Full powers

37Purchase of petrol, oil and lubricantsFull powers

Purchase of books, newspapers and periodicals

– official and non-official publications

Rs. 1,00,000/- p.a.

Purchase of raw material, spares, consumables

& tools of emergent requirement without calling


Power   to   purchase   without   calling


a)  Contingent  items,  purchases  up  to

Rs. 1,000/-

Purchase  of  raw  materials,  spares

and  tools  of  emergent  requirement

up to Rs. 25,000/-

(GC to be kept informed).


Purchase & repairs of typewriters, calculating

machines, duplicating machines, fax,

photocopiers, computers etc & audio visual


Full powers

Purchase of stationery, rubber stamps and

office seals

Full powers
42Purchase and repairs of Bicycles for office useFull powers

Fixtures & furniture (Purchase & repairs )

subject to budgetary sanction)

Full powers
44Printing and bindingFull powers

Disposal of unserviceable/surplus plant and

machinery and other items including motor

vehicles (as per GFR guidelines/ subject to

specific sanction for each item)

Rs. 10 lakhs in each case

Condemnation of unserviceable machinery and

equipment and other stores

Rs. 25,000/- (Book value)

p.a. (not due to theft, fraud or


Rs. 10,000/- (for others)


Writing off of bad debts ( loss of revenue of

irrecoverable bills, loans and advances)

Rs. 5,000/- p.a. (GC to be kept


48Repairs & renewal/ overhauling of machineryFull powers

Hire of office furniture and vehicles for official


Full powers
50Payment of freight and transportation chargesFull powers
51a) Payment of Demurrage/ wharfage chargesa) Full powers (to be reported to GC)
52Electricity, water and gas chargesFull powers
53Postal, courier and telegraph chargesFull powers
54Telephone chargesFull powers

Entering     into     AMC/Service     contracts     for

maintenance  of  Air-conditioners,  water-coolers,

typewriters,   calculating   machines,   duplicating

machines,     photo     copiers,     Fax,     printers,

computers,     teaching     aids,     machinery     &

equipments etc.

Full powers

Advertisement expenses (through DAVP as far

as possible)

Full powers

Publicity expenses (Exhibition/Conference and

sales promotion etc.)

Rs. 1,00,000/- p.a.
58Entertainment expenses

Rs. 5000/- at a time subject to a

maximum of Rs. 50,000/- p.a

59Payment of Municipal rates and taxesFull powers

Office/Hostel up-keep and maintenance and

maintenance of gardens/landscaping

Full powers
61Imprest money

Rs. 20,000/- and Rs. 5,000/- for Sub-



Note : All powers are subject to budgetary provisions by Governing Council and will be governed by without prejudice to the various rules and regulations applicable to the Tool Room from time to time. In case any dispute arises in interpretation, the matter will be referred to the Governing Council.

The General Manager in turn delegated some of the administrative and financial powers to the Head of the Departments and other officers to carry out the day to day functions of the Society.