​The Governing Council​

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  1. The affairs of the Society shall be managed, administered, directed and controlled, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the society and orders / directives received from the Govt. of India / Karnataka by the Governing Council which shall consist of not more  than ten members.
  2. The Governing Council of  the Society  for the   purpose   of   Mysore   Society's Registration Act, Mysore Act no.17 of 1960 as mended by Mysore Act no.26 of 1965, shall consist of the following : 

1The Commissioner, for Industries & Commerce and Secretary to Government, Commerce & Industries Dept.Chairman
2The Managing Director, Karnataka Small Industries Development Corpn., Ltd., BangaloreMember
3The Director of Industries & Commerce, Bangalore.            Member
4The Director, Small Inds. Service Institute, Bangalore.Member
5The Representative of the Royal Danish Embassy, New DelhiMember
6The Chief Adviser, Govt. Tool Room & Traning Centre, BangaloreMember
7The Director, Govt. Tool Room & Trag., Centre Bangalore.Member
8(Non - Officials to be)Member
9(Nominated by the)Member
10(State Government)    Member


​​​​The President of the Society who shall be ex-officio chairman of the   Governing    Council will be nominated by the Govt. of Karnataka from amongst the members of  the council who shall hold their respective offices for  such time as they may be specified by the Govt. of Karnataka.

The Governing Council shall function not withstanding that any person who is entitled to be a member by reason of his office is not a member of the Governing Council for the time being and not-with stading any vacancy in its   body    wheather by the    non-appointment  by the   authority   or   association  entitled  to  make the  appointment or otherwise and no  act  or preceeding of the Governing Council shall be invalidated merely by reason of the happening of any of the above events of any defects in the appointment of its members.

  1. A member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the Governing Council without proper leave of the Chairman shall cease to be a member thereof.
  2. Any vacancy in the membership of the Governing Council shall be filled up an appointment by the Government of Karnataka.
  3. The non-official members of the Governing Council shall hold office for a period of 3 years from the date of their appointment unless re-appointed by the Government.

The Govt. of Karnataka may terminate the membership of any members or at one and same time of all members other than the ex-officio members of the Governing Council. Upon such termination the vacancies shall be filled in by the Government of Karnataka.​

Every meeting of the Governing Council shall be presided over by the Chairman and in his absence by a member chosen by the meeting to preside for the occasion.

One – third of the members of the Governing Council (any fraction contained in that one- third being rounded off as one) present in person, shall constitute quorum at any meeting of the Governing Council.

Atleast one meeting of the Governing Council shall be held every six months.

For the purpose of rule 37, each year shall be deemed to commence on the 1st day of April, and terminate on the 31st day of March of the next calendar year.

The Chairman may himself call, or by a regisition in writing signed by him require the Secretary to call a meeting of the Governing Council at any time.

Each member of the Governing Council including the chairman shall have one vote and if there shall be equality of vote, on any question, the chairman shall in addition have a casting vote.

Any business, except such as the Governing Council may be general or special order  direct to be placed before the meeting, may be carried out by circulation amongst  all its members and any resolution so circulated and approved by a majority of members signing shall be effectual and binding as if such resolution had been passed at  a meeting   of   the Governing Council provided that atleast one-third of the members of the governing council (any fraction constained in that one-thrid being rounded off as one) have recorded their views on the resolution.

The Chairman may refer any question which in his opinion is of sufficient importance, for the decision of the Govt. of Karnataka and such decision shall be binding on the society and its Governing Council.

Net-with standing anything contained in any of these Rules and Regulations, the Govt. of Karnataka from time to time issue such directives or instructions as they may   think   fit In regard to the finance and conduct of business and affairs of the society    and   the members of the Governing Council shall duly comply with and give effect  to such directives or instructions.​

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