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​  IEC Materials NIPAH VIRAL 

​What is Nipah Virus ?

  • Nipah Virus is an emerging Viral infection 
  •  It is also known as Nipah Encephalitis 
  •  First appeared in Malaysia & Singapore during 1998 
  •  Isolated from a village Nipah in Malaysia so named as Nipah 
  •  It affects Bats, pigs, Dogs, Sheeps, Cats & Humans  ​


Where Nipah virus is found ?     

  • Nipah viral infection is reported from Malaysia, Singapore, India & Bangladesh​.


  • Humans : Fever, Headache, drowsiness, Disorientation, Mental confusion, coma, potentially Death.
  • Pigs: will also suffer from Nipah virus disease with respiratory & Neurological syndrome ​

How it spreads ?

  • From fruit bats to animals through ​direct contact with body secretions
  • From animals to other animals through body fluids
  • From bats to humans
  • (if humans consume fruits bitten by bats)
  • From animals to humans through body fluids
  • From humans to humans through body fluids ​

Diagnosis : 

  • ELISA based testing is done for identification of Nipah virus & RT PCR testing for confirmation at NIV Pune.
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How to prevent Nipah virus ?

  • Do not eat fruits bitten by birds & animals
  • Do not drink toddy collected from the infected areas where bats are found in large numbers
  • Do not use fresh palm dates fruit Juice
  • Thoroughly wash fruits & dates before eating
  • Avoid direct contact with sick pigs & animals
  • Cover Open wells with wire mesh /net to avoid entry of bats
  • Hand wash is the most important preventive measures
  • Disinfection of cloths & materials used by the positive Nipah Virus infected patients
  • Self Isolation of the infected patients at home at least 15days & isolation at hospitals during treatment period 
  • Do not use the water from the wells where bats are living without boiling
  • Hospital staff should take special care use mask & gloves while handling infected patients​
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