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HMIS (Health Management Information System) is an initiative undertaken under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) launched by Government of India. Accurate, relevant and up-to-date information is essential for the health service providers at all levels so that they can initiate action on the gaps in the system, based on evidence and information. Hence Government of India directed all the states to capture data as per the HMIS formats on a web-based system (HMIS) from all facilities. The software application is developed by GOI, and the same portal is being used to upload the data of each facility.
Before HMIS came into existence majority of the health institution (Health Sub-Centers, Primary Health Centre, Community Health Centre etc) data was on paper forms and was aggregated manually at all levels without timelines, which affected the flow of data and lead to delay in reporting and sending timely feedback.
Karnataka is the first state in the country to capture facility wise data from Sub Centre level since August 2010. The data captured will be validated at each level and minimizes the error. Lot of information pertaining to RCH activities are captured under HMIS.​

​​ District wise Hospital details with facilities