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A comprehensive Health Management Information System will be developed. Apart from integrating the flow of health data of various levels from different units, it will facilitate regular and effective monitoring of the physical and financial components.

Objectives of HMIS:
To improve the management of public health care services by computerizing all records, transactions and dealings of the Health Department, from the PHC to the State level. To enable optimum utilization of the resources and integration of all national health programmes.

Key Concepts:
  i. Establishing a State Health Informatics Centre.
  ii. Designing and developing a comprehensive need based health information system.
  iii. system Strengthening of the existing system Networking by computerizing the Department.

Functions proposed in HMIS:
  i. Training of health personnel.
  ii. Personnel Developing application software and procuring hardware for the Department.
  iii. Networking in the Department.