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The main objective of the SICF is to improve basic health services for poor people in the areas that are remote and under-served. The investment in infrastructure is directly linked to service improvement. This fund operates on the basis of specific agreed criteria and priority will be given to the under-served areas. Further investment in a district will depend on the success of delivering primary care services and on whether the improvements planned for the first phase of investment in that district were achieved or not.

Components of SICF:​​
  i. Construction of new PHCs and Sub-Centres where there are no buildings.
  ii. Renovation, addition, alteration and repairs of existing PHCs / CHCs / Sub-Centres.
  iii. Providing Mobile Health Clinics for vulnerable groups in areas that are remote and difficult to reach.
  iv. Contracting out PHCs and Contracting in Specialist services and non-clinical services for primary health care.
  v. Tribal ANM scheme.​