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As per GO No: AaKuKa: 1025: Aayosum No: 2003, Bengaluru Dated: 21-02-2004, Aarogya Raksha Samithis, and Bye-laws for their registration under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 was issued for formation and registration of Aarogya Raksha Samithis (ARS) at Medical College Hospitals, District Hospitals and Taluk Hospitals. In this order General Bodies and Executive Committees were also created. Subsequently ARS were created and registered with Registrar of Cooperative Societies at districts for Medical College and District Hospitals. 

As no ARS was created at CHCs and PHCs, in the GO No: HFW 201 CGE 2005, Bengaluru Dated: 25th May 2005, Government of Karnataka, constituted ARS for CHCs and Aarogya Salaha Samithis for PHCs.

After introduction of NRHM in April 2005, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, introduced ARS from PHC and above level hospitals and provided Untied Fund and Annual Maintenance Grants. Hence, in Karnataka Government, in its GO: No: AaKuKa 127 CGE 2007, Dated: 12-07-2007, converted Aarogya Salaha Samithis for PHCs into Aarogya Raksha Samithis.