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The Government of Karnataka has started the Arogya Sahayavani-104 service with the moto of reaching the unreached, to provide all the health care services available in the public sector.
Those patients residing in the remote rural villages who cannot access the medical doctors in the hospitals, can now contact with the doctors through Arogya Sahayavani-104. “104” is a toll free number through which people can avail consultation for minor ailments, counseling services, information on services available in public Health facilities, directory services (Eye bank, Blood Bank) and grievance redressal (Services, Epidemics, Corruption, Hygiene, Drugs and Diagnostics, ASHA grievances, etc.) 
Arogya Sahayavani-104 call center is situated at IT park Hubli with 100 seater capacity. People (Citizens) from any part of the state can avail their service by calling 104 should the clock throughout the year. From the date of insception till Sept 2015 38,05,171 calls are received at the call center.Around 75 deaths are averted from inspection . At present around 20000 calls per day on an average is being received at the call center.​