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Vaccines are to be stored in recommended temperature to maintain potency. 2-8 Deg C is the recommended temperature for storage of vaccine at the Health Centres. More the 2300 Ice lined Refrigerators are placed at hospitals / health centres for storing vaccine. The vaccines are taken to outreach session in a vaccine carrier box with four hardfrozen and conditioned ice packs maintaining 2-8 deg C inside the box during transport to and fro the immunization session site. Hence, each vaccine storage point has also been provided with a Deep Freezer for preparing ice packs.

For longer storage State has established 7 divisional vaccine stores each with Walk in Coolers and Walk in Freezers.

The quality of cold chain is monitored in the field using Vaccine Vial Monitor (VVM) on the vial as the guide. Health workers are trained to check the Status of VVM prior to administering the vaccine.