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From April 2014 Polio Vaccine, vaccinated for International travellers. Polio Vaccine has been given to International travellers travelling to and from 1. Afghanistan 2. Pakistan 3. Nigeria 4. Ethiopia 5. Kenya 6. Somalia 7. Syria 8. Cameroon countries, at district Health & Family Welfare Office, District Hospitals & Corporation Hospitals.

Polio Vaccine for international travellers vaccination facility is available In all districts & also in Bangalore & Mangalore International Airport. 

However the threat of importation of virus remains high. State Government with the technical support of World Health Organization (National Polio Surveillance Project) have established 1750 reporting sites for reporting all cases of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) irrespective of diagnosis and has been consistently achieving international standards of more 2 Non Polio AFP rate and 80% adequate stool specimen collection. The surveillance system is highly sensitive and is capable of early detection of any Polio transmission. 

In addition to AFP, Measles cases are also reported by the reporting sites and Measles outbreaks are being investigated, care and referral services being provided.