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a. Helps in identifying complications of pregnancy on time and their management.
b. Ensures healthy outcomes for the mother and her baby.
c. Necessary for well-being of pregnant woman and foetus. 

Registration and 4 minimum Antenatal Checkups during pregnancy and more if indicated:

Registration & 1st ANCIn first 12 weeks of Pregnancy
2nd ANCBetween 14 and 26 weeks
3rd ANCBetween 28 and 34 weeks
4th ANCBetween 36 weeks and term

Supplementation during Pregnancy : 

• Folic acid tab 400 μg daily in Ist trimester.
​• Iron Folic acid tab daily from 14 weeks onwards.
• For Anemic women, Iron Folic acid tab twice daily.

First Visit

​• Pregnancy detection test.
• Fill up MCP Card and ANC register.
• Give filled up MCP Card and Safe Motherhood booklet to the woman.
• Past and present history of any illness/complications in this or previous pregnancy.
• Physical examination (weight, BP, respiratory rate) and check CVS/Resp system, breast, pallor, jaundice and oedema.
• Two doses of Inj. TT 4 weeks apart whenever pregnancy is detected.

Investigations :
   • At Sub-Centre
      • Haemoglobin Estimation
      • Urine Test for Sugar and Proteins
      • Rapid Malaria Test (in endemic areas)
   • At PHC/CHC/FRU       • Blood group, including Rh factor
      • VDRL, RPR, HBsAg & HIV testing
      • Rapid Malaria Test (if unavailable at SC)
      • Blood Sugar(Random)

Information for pregnant woman and her family : 

• Encourage institutional delivery/ensure delivery by identification of SBA.
• Explain entitlement under JSSK & JSY.
• Identify the nearest functional PHC/FRU for delivery.
• High risk pregnancy to be attended in District Hospital and Medical College.
• Pre-identification of referral transport and blood donor.

At All Visits: 

• Physical examination. 
• Abdominal palpation for foetal growth, foetal lie and auscultation of foetal heart sound.
• Investigations 
   • Hemoglobin estimation
   • Urine exam for protein, sugar and micro exam
   • At 24–28 weeks blood sugar (OGCT)– 2nd or 3rd visit
Counselling for
• Adequate rest, nutrition and balanced diet.
• Recognition of danger signs during pregnancy, labour and after delivery or abortion and signs of normal labour.
• Initiation of breastfeeding immediately after birth.
• Counselling for small family norm.
• Use of contraceptives (birth spacing or limiting) after birth/abortion.​​