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This scheme entitles all categories of pregnant women and infants (APL & BPL) of complete free service in all the government health institutions from the day the day of pregnancy up to their discharge from the hospitals after delivery. It will drastically reduce out of pocket expenditure of pregnant women and their family members and will also increase institutional deliveries and seeking care for the sick infants. It will reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. The following entitlements are free for all pregnant women and infants under JSSK:
• AnteNatal Care.
• Drugs and Cosumables.
• Diet for 2 days for normal deliveries and for 5 days for Cesarean Section deliveries.
• Blood wherever necessary.
• Diagnostics.
• Referral transport and drop back to homes.

Number of beneficiaries who have availed free JSSK benefits:

YearFree Drugs & ConsumablesFree DietFree DiagnosticsFree BloodFree Transpor​​t

*Up to end of Dec 2014​