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Madilu Kit is a Karnataka State innovation launched on 1st October, 2007. It is a unique kit which contains 19 items like linen, mosquito net, consumables and other items which are very useful to the newly delivered poor mother and her infant. 50% of the funding for this scheme is by NHM and the remaining 50% is by the State Government.


1. Promote Institutional Deliveries in the State.
2. Reduce out of pocket expenditure during delivery and post natal period.
Madilu Kits contain daily use items for the women who have delivered recently and also for her newborn infant. As SC, ST, BPL women are in dire need of these items, most of the times they are not in a position to buy these items for herself and her baby due to financial crunch. Hence, this Madilu kits need to be provided to these women. This Madilu Kit along with free entitlements like JSSK and cash benefits like JSY and Prasoothi Aaraike, will immensely motivate pregnant women of these groups to come and deliver in Government Health Institutions and helps the State to ensure safe deliveries and prevent maternal and infant deaths.
Up to 2013-14, it was provided to BPL, SC and ST mothers who were above 18 years age delivering in a Government health institutions, for 2 live births only. Since 2014-15, this age and para limit has been removed for High Priority Districts, and all deliveries of BPL, SC and ST are eligible for receiving this Madilu Kit. 

Expected Outcome: 
• Will reduce post-delivery out of pocket expenditure of the pregnant women and her family members.
• Will motivate BPL, SC and ST pregnant women to access Government health facilities for ANC care, Immunization and to deliver in Government hospitals. 
• Will reduce maternal and infant deaths.
• Will also motivate other future mothers to avail services and to deliver in Government hospitals​.

Beneficiaries who have received Madilu Kits:

Period​ Physical ​ ​ ​
2010-11 185374 67833 33868 287075
2011-12 225099 79713 41365 346177
2012-13 210921 78184 38437 327542
2013-14 210732 75344 37079 323155
2014-15* 153980 56911 28311 239202
*Up to Dec 2014

​Madilu Kit contains the following items

​Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation (Linen items)

Sl.No​​ Variety Quantity
1. Jamkhana 1
2. Checks Bed sheet 1
3. Design Bed sheet 1
4. Checks Towel 2
5. Printed Bed sheets for Baby 2
6. Child Jubla 3
7. Sanitary Pad for Mother 4
8. Cotton Diaper 6
9. Flannel Bed sheet for Mother 1
10. Abdominal Belt for Mother 1
11. Rubber Sheet for Baby 1
12. Sweater, Cap & Socks for Baby 1
13 Plastic Bag with Zip 1

Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Ltd

Sl.No​ Variety Quantity
1. Mysore Rose Soap 4
2. Mysore Sandal Baby Soap 1
3. Mysore Detergent Cake 4
4. Mysore Sandal Baby Powder 1
5. Tooth Paste with tooth brush 1
6. Coconut Oil with Comb 1​

Photographs of 19 items included in Madilu Kit​