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It is 100 % Karnataka State Government sponsored scheme. It is a cash incentive to pregnant women of SC, ST and BPL categories to address their nutritional needs during pregnancy and post natal period. The main goal of this scheme is to ensure that poor pregnant women take nutritional foods to ensure their nutritional needs and also to ensure improvement of birth weights of their newborns; this will ensure both mother and infant survival and will bring down MMR and IMR of Karnataka. Prasooti Araike scheme was introduced in six "C Category Districts" of Gulbarga, Bidar, Raichur, Koppal, Bijapur and Bagalkot for the benefit of pregnant women belonging to below poverty line SC and ST families. This has now been extended to all below poverty line pregnant women of all the districts. The following cash incentives are provided under this scheme.

Sl No​​​​Category1st Instalment2nd InstalmentRemarks
1SC & STRs. 2,000*Rs. 300/400**For all Pregnancies in HPDs and only 2 live births in Non-HPDs
2BPLRs. 1,000*Rs. 300/400**

*Paid during 2nd trimester of pregnancy.
**Rs.300 for Rural Government Institutional Deliveries and Rs. 400 for Urban Government Institutional Deliveries, along with this JSY amount Rs. 700/600 is paid.​