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​Post Natal Care ensures well-being of the Mother and the Baby

1st Check up​1st day of delivery
2nd Check up3rd day of delivery
3rd Check up7th day of delivery
4th Check up6 weeks after delivery

Additional checkups for Low Birth Weight babies on 14th, 21st and 28th days. 

Ask​• Heavy bleeding
• Breast e​ngorgement
• Confirm passage of urine (within 48 hours) and stool (within 24 hours)
• For convulsions, diarrhea and vomiting
Observe and Check• Pallor, pulse, BP and temperature
• Urinary problems and perineal tears
• Excessive bleeding (PPH)
• Foul smelling discharge (Puerperal sepsis)
• Activity, color and congenital malformation
• Temperature, jaundice, cord stump and skin for pustules
• Breathing, chest in drawing
• Suckling by the baby during breast feeding
Counsel For• Danger signs • Correct position of breast feeding and care of breast and nipples
• Exclusive breast feeding for 6 months
• Nutritious diet and calcium rich foods
• Maintaining hygiene and use of sanitary napkins
• Choosing contraceptive method
• Keeping the baby warm
• No bathing on first day
• Keep the cord stump clean and dry
• Additional checkup for the Low Birth Weight babies
• On importance of Routine Immunization
• Danger signs in baby
Do• Hb% estimation
• Give IFA supplementation to the mother for 3 months
• Give 0 dose BCG, OPV, Hepatitis B
• Give Inj. Vitamin K 1 mg IM