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Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight (IDCF) is a set of activities to be implemented in an intensified manner in a fortnight to prevent deaths due to childhood diarrhoea across all districts of Karnataka. These activities mainly include- intensification of advocacy activities, awareness generation activities, diarrhoea management service provision, establishing ORS-Zinc Corners, ORS distribution by ASHA, detection of undernourished children and their treatment, and promotion of Infant and Young Child Feeding activities.

Elements of IDCF: 

Week 1: IDCF would focus on activities of awareness generation and simple proven interventions that have large impact towards control of childhood diarrhoeal morbidity and mortality. 
The key activities are: 
1. Home visit by ASHA to every household that has under-five child to:
   a. provide prophylactic distribution of ORS packets.
   b. age appropriate IYCF counselling.
   c. demonstrate & counsel on preparation of ORS.
   d. counsel on seeking care in case of diarrhoea so that Zinc can be provided by the ASHA.
   e. in case the child is in red zone of the MCP card, refer to NRC.
2. Establishment of ORS- Zinc corners - at Medical Colleges, District Hospitals, Block health facilities and other treatment sites of government. Similarly,in partnership with IAP establishment of these corners in every clinic of paediatrician and indoor wards.
3. Hand washing demonstration and practices in schools.
4. Ensuring prescription of ORS with zinc dispersible tablets by all healthcare providers.
Week 2: The second week would be observed in continuation as Infant & Young Child Feeding week with key activities as below:
1. Home visitation by ASHA - for detection of undernourished children and deliver key IYCF messages to households with under-five children.
2. Establishing IYCF counselling sites - at Anganwadi and health facilities.
3. Referral and medical management of undernourished children at health facility.

Common Activities for Week 1&2: 

1. Capacity building of all Health workers in Diarrhoea management and IYCF prior to Fortnight.
2. Intensiv Awareness generation through TV, radio, miking, banners, posters at strategic locations.
3. Multi-sectoral involvement for better impact such as rallies, competitions at schools, state and district level launch by leaders, involvement of IAP, involvement of PRIs, mother meetings and IYCF demonstrations at Anganwadi Centres.