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In Karnataka approximately ⅓ of newborns die due to asphyxia. A single intervention - resuscitation - deals with the problem of birth asphyxia as it occurs. The need for resuscitation is always be anticipated. Thus, every birth attendant is skilled in newborn resuscitation, (including anticipation, preparation, timely recognition and quick and correct action) and has the necessary equipment and supplies - clean and functioning - to respond quickly and correctly when needed.
Navjaat Shishu Suraksha karyakram (NSSK) a basic newborn care and resuscitation training program of has been launched to address newborn care at birth, asphyxiate Newborn. The objective of this initiative is to have one trained person in basic newborn care and resuscitation at every delivery. The training is based on the latest available scientific evidence and is immensely useful in decreasing the neonatal mortality in the state. TOTs for 2 gynaecologist and 2 paediatricians from each districts were trained as master trainers. These specialists have trained MOs, staff nurses and ANMs in their respective districts. With the new cohort of Health care providers joining, the training program is continued in all districts periodically. All the facilities where NSSK is provided are supported with required Newborn Care equipments.
The training module is available at :