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 Measles Linked Vitamin ‘A’ Programme for 9 months children where children are orally administered 1 ml Vitamin ‘A’ conc along with Measles Immunization.
 Vitamin ‘A’ Supplementation programme for 1½ – 5 yrs children – Bi Annual Programme where 2ml of Vitamin ‘A’ conc is administered orally.
 Mass Deworming programme for 1-5 yrs children where Albendazole tablets are given. This programme is implemented along with Vitamin ‘A’ Supplementation Programme Bi-Annually. 
 Establishment of Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres and Modified Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres all over the state.
 Celebration of Breast Feeding Week during August and Celebration of National Nutrition Week during September every year. 
 Integrated Child Development Services Scheme.


This programme is implemented with the Co-ordination of Women and Child Development Department. There are 185 ICDS projects, 64473 AW Centres and 3331 Mini Anganawadi Centres are functioning in the State. Pregnant women, Lactating mothers and 0-6 years Children are beneficiaries of this programme. Supplementary feeding, Immunization., Health Check up, Referral Services, Non formal preschool education, Nutrition and health education are the components of ICDS. The Medical officers visit A.W.Centres and conduct health check up once in two months. The children diagnosed with Mal-Nutrition and other deficiencies are treated suitably. Severely malnourished children are referred to Paediatricians for treatment at Taluk Hospitals / District Hospitals / Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres.​​